Don't Shake the Flask

Because you don't know if it'll explode

Flame retardants pose poison risk to Americans. (via Dave Barry) In this article, the author cites an experiment where PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether), a flame retardant, disrupts brain development in mice. Well, I looked up a paper where another experiment was done–this time PBDE was added to a strain of cancerous breast cells expressing the estrogen receptor. This experiment showed that PBDE hyperactivated the estrogen receptor. Now I understand–hormone levels in pregnant women are messed up with PBDE. And didn’t I say before that hormone levels affected brain development?

Darn it, I’ve got to stop looking up everything. I need to read a trashy novel or meditate or something.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Milk:: Shopping
  2. Itch:: Scratch
  3. Raisin:: Bran
  4. Contempt:: Sneer
  5. High:: Jump
  6. Take:: Out
  7. Hamburger:: Yuck
  8. Frilly:: Dress
  9. Tigger:: Trigger
  10. Creek:: Water

And today, boys and girls, I will explain my answers since I’ve been explaining so many other things lately (so might as well do this too).

  1. Milk and Shopping – I ran out of milk yesterday so I need to get some. However, all the grocery stores nearby are closed on Easter.
  2. Itch and Scratch – Don’t you automatically think of scratching an itch?
  3. Raisin and Bran – Two things that don’t really go together, but they don’t taste great alone either.
  4. Contempt and Sneer – I always visualize someone sneering when I see the word ‘contempt’.
  5. High and Jump – I was remembering one of those explodingdog pictures where a stick person with a red balloon was standing on top of the building saying, “No, I can’t do it!”
  6. Take and Out – Takeout. Actually, this is quite unusual. I’ve only done takeout once.
  7. Hamburger and Yuck – I don’t like eating hamburgers.
  8. Frilly and Dress – Excessive lace and satin and all those other things that will make you turn green in the face.
  9. Tigger and Trigger – A misreading.
  10. Creek and Water – Self explanatory.

So my answers aren’t particularly weird. Does this mean I’m not crazy?

(An interesting paradox are the statements ‘I am not crazy’ and ‘I am crazy’ which when somebody says it, means the opposite. Personally, I think craziness is more about actions, like peeping into people’s windows for no good reason, than words.)