by syaffolee

Tuesday Too:

1. How are you going to honor, or what are you going to give the earth on Earth Day?

People should honor the earth every day, not just on one day.

I know, it’s a cop out answer. Well, I do recycle and reuse things. I use mass transportation–but mostly out of necessity and not from choice. The ecologists on campus should be all over this, but so far, I haven’t heard so much as a peep from them. (And what’s on the campus calendar today? Not a celebration for Earth Day. Nope. Just some philosphy thing.)

It’s also a bit depressing as I realize that in lab, I will be generating more biohazard waste today than you (the reader) ever will.

2. How come there’s only one “real” question, and how come there are three Tuesday Toos in a row?

I would guess that the answer is 42.