by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: View From Afar

Onesome: View- What is your favorite scenic site, either around your place, where you’ve traveled, or just that one special picture (like that Ansel Adams

“Half Dome” shot)?

When I was in grade school, everyone in the class was assigned a state and each of us had to write to the travel bureau to get information. I got Utah. Utah? What the heck is out there besides salty water and hordes of Mormons? Well, I got a travel brochure back and there were pictures of sandstone arches and standing stones. These gravity-defying natural monuments fascinated me. Unfortunately, I so far have not had the chance to visit.

Twosome: From- How far is it from home to work? Are you a long distance commuter or do you just schlep on into the dining room/office?

I am within walking distance. But like drivers who have to drive past construction, I have to walk past construction.

Threesome: Afar- for the travelers out there, just how far have you gone? I mean, is the trip to Grandma’s about it? …or have you made it farther abroad?

Not unless a trip to Grandma’s is actually halfway around the world!

I believe I’ve mentioned all of this before, but I am too lazy to look it up. One of my grandmothers lives in Vietnam. I’ve visited her once some years back. I use this site to calculate distances and Vietnam is about a thousand miles further than Hong Kong (which I’ve been to several times) and twice as far as Germany and Switzerland (the countries I’ve been to in the other direction). These are not the only places I have been to, but I will not list them all since it will probably make your eyes glaze over.

However, I have not been to places south of the equator.