by syaffolee

Damn That Spam

Those spam people are getting trickier every day. I usually chuck any e-mails that don’t pertain to this site, that I haven’t been expecting, or from people I have never heard of before. Yesterday, I got e-mail from some Who’s Who Historical Society–but that wasn’t the real organization that puts out the real Who’s Who in America that gets shelved in the library. (Besides, if you look at the fine print on the bottom of the e-mail, you’ll find out that they got your e-mail address from some spam distributor.) And you know how some spam is from people with plausible names like John Smith or whoever? I suppose they figure if they send out enough combinations of common names, people will think someone they know sent them an e-mail. That happened to me today. I thought one of my professors e-mailed me! (What have I done? Did I fail a class?!) But no, it was some stupid porn site masquerading as a legitimate person!