by syaffolee

Tuesday Too?

Some questions:

Of course it’s Tuesday; are you mad?

No. I’m enjoying the nice weather.

Wonder what?

See today’s previous post.

Where is my next cup of coffee?

Tomorrow morning, hopefully.

What is my project for today?

Your project or mine? If it’s mine, I’m sort of dreading tomorrow. I have tons of things to do.

What would I really like to be doing?

I don’t know about you, but I like sleeping. A lot. (Not that I get much anyway.)

What should I be doing?

There’s some papers on my desk calling to me. Currently I’m trying to avoid them.

How come I’m doing what I’d like to be doing?


Why don’t I have 118 games in a row?

If I had 118 games in a row (or even one game) I would seriously be bored.

Do you really care about freecell?

It’s on my computer (which is really old) and in all this time I haven’t touched it. I swear. I haven’t touched solitaire either. I like playing with the word processing programs instead.

What do you really care about then?

Myself. (What? Did you think I’d lie and be altruistic?)

Are you going to spend your whole life trying to figure out what’s important?

Yes, generally. But this will not involve every moment of my life.