by syaffolee


He stands on the threshold, a stone wall. Like every morning, the strange, lumbering creatures appear on the other side carrying large pieces of wood intent on making as much noise as possible. It didn’t matter that he stood there in plain view–these creatures only cared for their own tasks, such as digging up dirt and placing odd-shaped stones in random patterns.

A bark startles him from his vigilant reverie. A shaggy yellow canine appears from around a corner, its nose pointed straight at him. Silently cursing himself for his own carelessness, he leaps off the stone wall and makes a sprint towards home.

Gratuitous Meme Linkage:
Blogumentary Preview Trailer. The beginning had me grinning maniacally–I was half-expecting some green alien babes to show up in the rest of the thing–but I guess you’ll have to cut the piece some slack since it is work done by an amateur. Hopefully, though, the rest of the documentary won’t be filled with tech-savvy yuppies like the preview.