by syaffolee

Getting locked out of your own home sucks.

No, my roommates did not throw me out. Apparently the locksmith/security people who had installed some state-of-the-art keypad thingee in front of the apartment building also changed the locks. The construction workers nearby who were supposed to have the master key found out that their key doesn’t work either.

I stormed down to the housing office (past a quartet of trombones, a woman on crutches, a couple sitting under a perfectly coiffed tree) just before closing time and the rather perplexed and clueless women at the office gave me a new key. The key still doesn’t work, and the office is closed, but somehow I’ve managed to yank the door open on the umpteenth try.

So much for “security”.

The “Little” Things:
Beauty in the eye of the builder. (via Byrd’s Brain) I’m flabbergasted. And I’m not just saying that because I like big words. If she truly felt that her marriage was worth more, she would have never bought the insurance policy in the first place.
Tea Aids Oral Health. “A spot of tea may offer more than just a pleasant way to pass the afternoon. Research findings presented this week at the 103rd General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Washington, D.C. suggests that it can help fight bad breath and may boost the powers of toothpaste.”

Crypts of the Capuchin. “A macabre cathedral right in the heart of Rome built with the last earthly remains of the hooded brothers.”
The Catacombs of Paris. “Double exposed film made for a happy accident in the case of these unretouched photographs taken in the miles of winding subterranean tunnels that lie under the streets of Paris.”