by syaffolee

Bomb Is Suspected in Explosion at Yale. Once again, this is something that makes me wonder exactly how safe I am at school. You would think that a law school would be fairly innocuous compared to where I work at (a medical school). Access to various buildings at Dartmouth during the day is pretty much free to anyone. Sure, the security people tell everyone to be aware of their surroundings and anyone who looks like they don’t belong, but exactly how many people spend their day doing this? Most students I know are worried about their next experiment or the next exam–not if the person coming in the door at the moment is a professor or a suspicious character.

This also reminds me of a fire alarm that occurred this week which emptied the biomedical buildings. No one was aware that there were any drills planned and some people were annoyed because their experiments were interrupted and ruined. I had thought maybe a bunsen burner had accidentally tipped over and had triggered the alarm. Then again, in light of this article, it might have been something else.