by syaffolee

Un-Sleeping Habits

Periodically I go on sleepless binges. When these binges occur is extremely predictable.

Of course, it’s entirely my fault for creating such a situation, but I can’t help but recall those days when all-nighters were a rather weekly occurrence. I also can’t help wondering how I got through all of that with people actually considering me saner. The worse time during the all-nighter is between four and seven in the morning (like this morning, in fact) when my brain ceases to function no matter what I do. I’m catatonic–semi-aware, yet not asleep–and I’m stuck exactly like a broken record. I keep on glancing at the clock every twenty minutes or continuing to write the same sequence of words over and over again.

But my sleeping habits are really quite ordinary. What I find strange are people who sleep with the light on, especially with the light left delibrately on. Lamps, nightlights, what-have-you at three in the morning make me think of people with sleeping disorders like sleepwalkers, insomniacs, and people who sleep with their eyes open. Sometimes I think people leave the lights on because they never got over their childhood neuroses about boogeymen in the closet. But unlike people who feel safe going to bed with the light on, I feel vulnerable. I can’t hide in the light.

* * *
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