by syaffolee

There is no Tuesday Too.

Well, duh! It’s Wednesday. (I think I’ll just answer these and then get some real sleep.)

1. Where do you suppose jf has gone?

I don’t think she’s gone anywhere. Real life has probably gotten her swamped.

2. Should we do anything about it? Alternately, has anyone emailed her to see if she’s okay?

I’m not too worried. There have been bloggers before who have taken off months before getting back into the game. But now that you’ve mention it, I’ll probably leave a comment on her blog. I usually don’t e-mail unless someone specifically states on their website that it is okay to e-mail them comments.

3. And for a change of pace, what were your birthday parties like as a kid?

I had no birthday parties. This is not because of indoctrination by cheapskate parents. If I had wanted a party, my parents would have gladly helped me write the invitations and order the food. Really. My sister is the party girl. One time she invited pretty much her entire grade for a wild time at the local skating rink.

Insecurity and self-embarrassment were probably the main things keeping me from asking anybody over to my house let alone a party. And there was the problem of gifts. I had no problem with bringing chocolate cupcakes and candy to school to share with everyone, but I have a difficult time with accepting gifts from others. The primary reason is that I have to fake looking pleased at the gift. A secondary reason is that the gift is never what I need, want, or like. People may think they know what they should get me, but they are 90% of the time wrong.

But I have been invited to birthday parties before. It usually involved a small gaggle of girls giggling and gossiping and playing dumb games. Sleepovers were also a rather frequent part of the party. Of course, by that time, I realized I was completely out of my league. But what could I do but pretend that I was having a good time too?