by syaffolee

Are All Blogs Created Equal? (via Shawn Allison)

Short answer: No.

Why? Disregarding that some blog software are more powerful than others or that some people have better design skills than others (or even that some people have better spelling ability than others), blogs solely in terms of hits and linkage are unequal. Usually this is due to: real life fame (Dave Barry, Wil Wheaton), historical significance (such as the creators of Blogger and Userland), certain bloggers being around longer than anyone else, and readers being too entrenched to branch out to new authors.

Me? I find this topic amusing. It’s just a more elegant way for people to moan about their lack of hit stats. One can’t alter real life fame (unless you’ve found the cure to cancer or at least published a best-selling book), historical significance and being around longer than everyone else (unless you have a time machine), but one can at least give a little nudge to new or obscure authors. However, if bloggers are so obsessed with driving traffic to their own sites and tearing down the popular kids in blogland, I’d say people have missed the point of blogging entirely.

[originally posted on 8:40 AM]