by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Pop Quiz!

Onesome: Ain’t- There’s a lot of slang floating around out there. Some of it has even found its way into the dictionary. Is there any one word that you find more annoying than others? That you just wish would fall off the face of the planet, never to be heard again?

I’m somewhat of a word elitist. I like to coin new word clusters (especially if they roll off the tongue easily or sounds nice) but most colloquial and slang terms bother me to no end. For instance:

Wicked. It means “cool.” When I first heard it being used in this fashion, I was about to scream. I still don’t like it being used this way. And saying “wicked cool” together does not cancel out the effect.

Bling-bling. Money, dollar signs, gaudy jewelry. I suppose it came from the sound of cash registers, but somehow for me, it sounds like what a rapper wannabe decked out in gold jewelry would say to indicate that he got laid.

Phat. Also meaning “cool.” I dislike this term because it causes too much confusion, especially when people use the term to describe other people. Is it phat or fat?

However, I do like tripping (going crazy) and wacked (weird, messed up) and maybe a few other terms, mostly because I can say them without feeling, well, wacked.

Twosome: It- It’s/Its, they’re/their/there. Just a few of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language. So the question is, when you blog, do you worry about grammar, punctuation and spelling? If you notice a typo do you go back and edit? Or do you shrug it off because everyone makes typos?

Yes, I worry about grammar, punctuation, and spelling when I write an entry. Besides the it’s/its, they’re/their/there paradigm, I’m also rather anal-retentive about to/too, possessive vs. plural, and my newest pet peeve: site/sight, nite/night, and all their derivatives. However, I’m a little more liberal about punctuation and I can never tell how to use that or which. I usually type up my entries in Notepad and then copy and paste into Word where I run a spell and grammar check. Then I replace the entry in Notepad with the corrected entry before sticking it into Blogger. For some reason, Blogger doesn’t like Word characters like m-dashes and quotation marks. It must be some technical quirk.

And I almost forgot. I absolutely detest people who write without capitalization and/or use hacker speak. The complete laxity in rules make me go cross-eyed.

Threesome: Purty?- Purty/pretty, crick/creek, warsh/wash. All common pronunciations, whether they sound pretty or not. And one is mispronounced. What’s one commonly mispronounced word that just drives you nuts?

Oh, you wouldn’t want to go there with all the southern pronunciations. I could rant about that all day.

But I will say this. Since my parents’ first language is not English (as are my other relatives) I have a certain tolerance for mispronunciations by non-native speakers. Of course, putting non-native speakers with southern English-speakers is a bad idea. I think my Mom speaks pretty good English, but for some reason, some southerners cannot understand her at all.

I spent my first years listening to Cantonese and French, so my own accent may be a little funky. Of course, you can judge for yourself here (mp3) if you haven’t already listened to my prior audblog post.

Recently, though, I’ve been disturbed by this:

Intestine. Some people pronounce the last syllable like the last syllable in turpentine.