by syaffolee

Linguistic Stereotypes

Mandarin vs. Cantonese. Pretty much every Chinese speaker familiar with these two dialects thinks that Mandarin is genteel, aesthetically pleasing, and makes one sound more educated. Cantonese, on the other hand, has been regarded as the poor cousin who rants like a fishwife on ecstasy. I vehemently disagree. Compare a shouting match in Mandarin with a shouting match in Cantonese. Mandarin is a lot shriller, on average, than Cantonese.

French vs. German. This one is practically a no-brainer. French is known as “the language of love” and German is “guttural and harsh sounding.” Different speakers can make each language sound either beautiful or ugly, but I actually associate each language to temperament. I find French to be artsy, flighty, and at times snobby. German sounds very practical and frank.

Various forms of English. And by this, I mean accents. As I posted before (numerous times), I find the southern accent annoying. I’ve lived long enough with it, however, to overlook it most of the time. This goes for all other types of accents (British, Australian, Canadian, Midwestern, Valley Girl/Surfer Dude speak, etc.) except for the New Jersey accent, which stands out as grating no matter how hard it tries to disguise itself as merely annoying. Interrogators can stop using Barney as a torture device. All they have to do is to hire a native New Jerseyan. I’m sure natives from New Jersey are nice people. I just don’t like the accent (especially if you’re stuck in a flying tin can for several hours at 30,000 feet sitting next to a kid from New Jersey who just can’t shut up).

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Is it Art or is it just plain, old Crap? (via Reflections in d minor) Um, I got 11/16. I guess my ability to ferret out the pretentious bs isn’t that great.

The Geek Test. This says that I am a Major Geek. I think my score would have been higher if I knew more about computers and had role-playing games.

Hits and Misses. (via Allied) “Site counters are useful tools for personal sites and blogs. And they can be loads of fun too!” Well, I agree to that. But unlike some of the interviewees, I don’t even try to tailor my posts toward my on-and-off-again audience because, to be honest, I don’t know what they want due to no feedback. Aside from linked posts, if I personally find one of my posts insightful or informative, there are no spikes in visitors. If anything, there are less visitors and no comments. (Which, I guess, should tell me a couple things. People don’t care for my insights, I’m speaking over their heads, or people are too busy to visit. I’d like to think the very latter.) And I don’t blog according to peak visitor times. My posts usually coincide with my free time (typically in the morning, at lunch, or in the evening, EST–and if you don’t know that already, well, now you know). But do you know what I really worry about? Other people logging my hits on their website. It’s very easy to tell when I’m bored.