by syaffolee

Brief Observations

Car Question. Why did people leave their headlights on during the day while driving yesterday?

Harry Potter Mania. The woman right in front of us in the checkout line said that the books are the greatest in her generation. I say it may be the most popular but not the greatest.

The Matrix Reloaded. Unlike the first movie, there was nothing remotely insightful. But I liked the SFX.

Blogging. All bloggers know that in the real world, nobody knows what blogging is. And if people go on the web as frequently as I’ve been the past couple of days (and most people log on less), most people will never figure out what a blog is.

Television. It’s evil. Sure, there are some interesting shows on, but by in large, reality shows have taken over all the programming. And I’m pretty sure they’re teaching bad values. Recently, I’ve been fuming over a Total cereal commercial where they show a woman of thinner than average size telling the viewers not to look on the scale she is standing on. Apparently this commercial wants people to look anorexic. The news, unfortunately, is like reading warblogs all the time.

* * *
Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Tumbler:: Lock
  2. Recital :: Piano
  3. Reform:: Laws
  4. Nipple:: Piercing
  5. Jackal:: Head
  6. Mailtruck:: Dogs
  7. Merchendise:: Stuff
  8. Comma:: Punctuation
  9. Erotica:: Stories
  10. Ferment:: Alcohol