by syaffolee

Midnight Thoughts

It could have been the stillness that tried to level on a different type of awareness. Eyes closed, I felt damp heat prickling along my bare arms and legs. There had been something that I had been thinking about. Or had it been my own personal dreamworld giving me my thoughts and not me at all? At that moment, I wasn’t sure where I was, what I was.

I tried opening my eyes, but the air weighed down. Should I put in the effort? Do I want to put in the effort? Somehow I managed to prop up my eyelids. A room.

A little light spilled through a window illuminating the ceiling in rectangles of gray. In the middle of the gray was a black hole. A very black hole.

There’s supposed to be a light, I wondered idly. But I kept staring at that black hole in the ceiling. It was so still and yet I had the feeling that it was sucking in the air and the light and the dust and maybe even me.

* * *
I’m really confused now. Blogger has now gone back to what it looked like before I made the last post. Maybe it has to do with the browser I was using before.