by syaffolee

On the Wall

Just as people accumulate things to fill up any empty space in their house, they also cover any empty space on their walls and doors. I have to admit that I rarely hang anything on the walls or doors–out of a sense of minimalism or misguided anal retentiveness, I’m not really sure which.

Some people put an entire sticker collection on their doors or maybe a shrine to Mel Gibson. I find that looking at someone’s decorated doors or walls show a lot about one’s personality. Posters of cars and girls? Or maybe wallpaper made out of political news clippings? Strange quotes? Reproductions of fine art, cultural and otherwise? Or is it personal–photographs of family and friends?

What does it say about me when the only thing on my wall is a meticulously picked calendar of Da Vinci paintings?

A very similar thing is the decoration of one’s web home. Perhaps it is easy to discern someone’s likes or aspects of one’s personality by what images and designs are present (or not present). Is it slickly designed? Does it have cat pictures? Impersonal images? Or did the author leave it as the default template, thinking words are sufficient?

Like a visitor peeking into your room, are appearances showing what you are? Or like certain people who must put on a mask every morning, does the outside show what other people would like to see?