by syaffolee

Darwinian Poetry. Interesting concept, but I wouldn’t say that this is Darwinian. There’s nothing natural about the selection. I’d say it’s more like breeding dogs or cattle. For animals, people pick out the offspring that has the traits that they desire despite whether or not it would survive in the environment. In “poetry”, no word is intrinsically better than the other words. People just pick the words that they desire by “votes”.

Museums Defend Fudge Factor. In one way, this completely annoys me. Why do museums have to stoop so low as to bribe people with chocolate to visit their exhibits? Do people not want to learn for the sake of learning anymore? Am I one of the rare people left who would still happily go to a museum if all they had were Neolithic artifacts behind glass cases?

Cyborg Liberation Front. One would think that the issue of rights for “post-humans” should be left up to the sci-fi pulp found at the local bookstore, but these people at Yale think it’s an issue to be tackled today. It’s a noble goal to try to hammer out all the ethics before technology catches up, but I can’t help thinking that they’ll have a hard time getting the general populace to accept it when people are still squabbling among themselves. Just a brief look at the news tells us we’re still a long way from being accepting of anyone who is even slightly different–affirmative action, rights for gays, ethnic grievances and religious fanaticism, class elitism–the list just goes on. I’m just not sure that they will succeed if the majority of people continue to think in categorizations.