by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Three Dog Night

Onesome: Three- Lucky happenings are supposed to come in threes… What else comes in triplets and trios in your experience?

In my experience, there are no lucky numbers.

As an aside, three seems to be a very prevalent number if not exactly lucky. Religions especially like to co-op the number. In Christianity, there is the Holy Trinity. Pagans like to think of another type of trinity: the maiden, the mother, and the crone (which in turn are personifications of the Fates.) People like to think in threes for some reason. Past, present, future. Father, mother, child. Red, yellow, blue.

Why couldn’t we have thought of a different number as “lucky”? We’re inherently symmetrical: two eyes, two hands, two feet. We have ten fingers and ten toes. What about four-leaf clovers? Why not 167?

Twosome: Dog- Dogs and cats… Got a preference? …and how about pedigree vs pound puppies/kittens? What do you think?

I like cats. Dogs are nice too, but if I had to live with one or the other, I would pick cats because they don’t demand as much attention and they seem to fit my temperament better. Besides, they’re cuter. Most likely I’d go to the pound and get an adult cat rather than a kitten or a pedigree.

Threesome: Night- Hey, do you ever do a Sports Night and head out to watch a local team/event? What draws you out? Is it baseball, football, hockey, racing, lacrosse?

Sports is evil. I never understood some people’s fervent religiosity towards the whole thing. This is coming from a person who had to sit in the rain in a stuffy band uniform watching football players dance around like ballerinas on the fifty yard line. I’ve had close encounters with screaming mobs of students and heard old alumni discussing the newest game as if it was the only thing in the world worth talking about.

So yeah, if someone invited me to a sports night, I would think up of excuses to not go. If those don’t work, I’ll run the other way.