by syaffolee

Random Linkage:

5 Times More Fla. Kids to Repeat 3rd Grade. I’m not sure how I feel about repeating a grade. When I was in grade school, I always had this irrational anxiety about being held back, that someone would tell me that I’m not good enough to advance to the next grade. The kids who skipped grades did nothing to ease my anxiety. If anything, I harbored a secret skipping-grades-envy. I guess this stemmed from the time when I was “held back” a grade (for about a week or two) when I moved to the United States–the American teachers were suspicious of Canadian teaching methods. I also once had a neighbor whose mother held her back instead of the school system due to “social maturity.” Privately, I thought that was a ridiculous reason. In some ways, that girl was a lot more “socially mature” than I was.

12-year-old begins medical school. The first-year medical students moving in next door are at least a decade older than this kid, but looking at the picture, he doesn’t really look that different than every other geeky Asian doctor wannabes. I have no idea what goes on inside a genius’s brain or exactly what the dynamics are like in his family, but I know plenty of Asian parents who could kill to have this kind of kid. Let’s just hope that these Asian parents (or any parents, really) don’t read this story and start bullying their own kids to “do better.”

Cell transplant restores vision. I’m not as surprised as the BBC that there is a discrepancy between visual perception and the mechanics of vision. There have been plenty of studies done previously which showed that visual perception is all in the brain. People who have damage in the visual areas of their brain typically don’t see like normal people even if the eyes themselves are working perfectly. My guess is that the man in this article developed different neural circuitry when his vision was damaged by compensating his other senses. Many visual cues such as depth perception are learned and not innate.

CD-Recordable discs unreadable in less than two years. I’m totally paranoid now. I guess I need to make backups of my backups.

Microbes in Hot Springs Test Notion of Global Travel. They say that the exception will prove the rule. I don’t know–I’m witholding my judgement for the time being. Most of it sounds like speculation at the moment.

The End of Evolution? Here’s some more scientific speculation. Well, one thing’s for sure. The human body plan is not going to go through any radical changes during my or your lifetime.

Past Life Analysis. This silly generator told me that in 925 I was a writer, dramatist or organizer of rituals.