by syaffolee

I Didn’t Realize…

…that this is the 916th post, more or less. I say more or less because I’m not quite sure this is the 916th post. I’ve only counted all of them once. There will be more counting, just to make sure, but I probably won’t post any more numbers until I reach one thousand (which would be at the end of the year if I keep the same posting rate I’ve been doing the past few months).

On Guard Against SARS, Inside the Laboratory and Out. It’s the problem of familiarity and insensitivity. If you work at a lab for a while with infectious agents and after a couple of months nothing happens, you start thinking, “Oh, this will never happen to me,” and you might start getting lax on your safety procedures if you’re not disciplined. If you’re that type of person, someone needs to watch over you like a hawk. Better yet, you shouldn’t work in a lab filled with infectious reagents. Some people might be comfortable handling vials with their bare hands and opening them up in the general atmosphere, but if you’re like me–that is, extremely paranoid–always use gloves and work in a hood where the air is not in general circulation. And if you’re in doubt (no matter how small), disinfect like crazy!

The Role of the Delete Key in Blog. An article on the question of whether or not weblogs should be edited. I don’t see the problem especially if the blogger states that he is working for a news organization. It shouldn’t be surprising then that he is being edited.

Blovel: Bloggers Writing Novels. An assortment of bloggers daring to take part in National Novel Writing Month, striving to put down 50,000 or more words in the month of November, and hoping against all hope that at least some part of it, in some small way, some small, immeasurable, break out the microscope way, won’t suck eggs. A futile hope, of course, but then again “blovel” is blogger + novel, with love in the middle. And that means something. Or not. I will probably also add this link to the link page on my writing site. I’ll blab more about this tomorrow.