by syaffolee

Unwanted Snail Mail

The previous resident of the apartment forgot to cancel her catalogue subscriptions so for the past couple of months, we’ve been getting tons of clothing magazines. They’ve been piling up on the coffee table next to the door and the corner of the living room. We haven’t been reading them (let alone ordering from them) and I’ve been thinking of chucking them into the recycling bin, but what’s the point when we’ve been using them as placemats for hot pots and trays from the oven?

What pisses me off the most about these catalogues, though, are the pictures. Normal people don’t look like these models. The clothes are not going to look the same on me as they look on them. I suppose the goal is to make the buyer think that she will look like the model if she wears those clothes. Or if the buyer is like me, she would know that she would never look like the model. Do advertising agencies want to make half the population neurotic and insecure? There’s already enough in the world to make one worry. It’s like those catalogues just want to add insult to injury.

And I absolutely despise those pouty expressions the models are made to mimic, especially on those underwear catalogues. They’re marketing their product to the wrong demographic, that’s what. Maybe a better home for all these magazines is a needy frat house.