by syaffolee


I have noticed that people who own Windows-running machines tend to get real pissed off at their computers and say, “This stupid piece of junk!” whereas people who own Macs say, “Oh, it’ll eventually work,” when they’re confronted with a computer glitch.

Personally, I don’t think any operating system is perfect and I am a bit perplexed by people’s loyalties or intense hatred at one particular brand. Most error is human error and I think that is where the divide lies–do you deny your error and transfer the fault to something or someone else or do you just deny the error altogether?

Metafilter is a major time sink:
3D Stress Ball. This is way too addictive even at the easy levels. Do not look at this if you are trying to wean yourself away from games.
Pattern IQ Test. I’m skeptical of IQ tests in general, but this one will either make you see patterns all day or make you tear your hair out. I think it was the timer that got to me–timed tests always make me nervous. All I will say is that I got a score to the right of the bell curve.