by syaffolee

Another Link Dump – Part III

(There are plenty of interesting links out there, but after a while, you don’t visit them as frequently. And then you simply stop because you’ve changed and lost interest and have moved on to something else.)

Digitally Imported. Contains several very good electronica radio streams.

Do-It-Yourself Numerology. Some hokey waste-your-time stuff originally stashed from Metafilter.

Exactitudes. Everyone dresses alike, consciously or unconsciously.

Polaroid Photography. A project about photos within photos.

Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice Video. This is one of the funniest music videos just because Christopher Walken is flying around in this one.

Hereinmyhead. A Tori Amos fan site.

Complete Diagram of Strange Persons. Someone must of had a lot of time on his hands trying to figure out the relationships between of all this weirdness.

Dante’s Inferno Test. I think everyone has taken it some time or another. I don’t remember what I got except it said something about being a non-believer or something.

Discover Your Inner Dragon. Another crazy quiz. I seem to remember getting this one from Chad. My result was blue.

Past Life Analysis. This one said I was born in South Africa in the tenth century.