by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: The Christmas Song, Part I

Onesome: The– What is the “bestest” Christmas decoration in your mind? You know, the one that says, “This is Christmas!”

The tree.

This reminds me of Christmas (or rather around this time) during my first year as an undergraduate. At my “house” (sort of like a cross between a dorm and a frat house although it was less of a frat house than a dorm and everything was co-ed), the upperclassmen declared that it was annual tradition for the frosh to put up a Christmas tree on the side of campus’s phallic symbol–the library. There’s just one catch. The building is nine stories tall compared to the two or three stories of the other buildings. We went after hours to bypass the usual securities; some people stayed on the ground and other people went up to the roof so they could throw lights down and have the people on the ground tether them.

By four in the morning, everyone was cold and annoyed and we didn’t bother putting the big yellow “L” (because it stood for the house’s name) up at the top because we were tired and we didn’t want anyone to fall off the library roof.

Twosome: Christmas– What style of Christmas ornaments do you like to see? Are you a glass ball person? …or how about that bow thing? Maybe Christmas Muppet characters everywhere? Hmm?

When it comes to ornaments and the scale of minimalist to gaudy, I’m way off toward the minimalist side of things.

Threesome: Song–…and your favorite Christmas Song? Is there one that just sets the season for you when you hear it? I mean, even when you’re in a “Ho-Ho-Humbug” mood?

A lot of Christmas songs annoy me because people have been using them as manipulative marketing tools. But if I had to listen to Christmas music, I’d prefer the really obscure ones that aren’t exactly pretty–musically–to the ear. You know, the ones people would never play in a commercial or on the radio because they sound too ominous or depressing.