by syaffolee

Ugh. I feel as if my brain’s been fried. This morning, Roommate #7 left to visit some of her relatives in New York City for Christmas. This also happens to be where Roommate #6 (or rather ex-Roommate #6) has moved to–let’s just hope they don’t bump into each other as their relationship from what I’ve gathered is less than congenial at this point.

Another housemate is moving in tonight. I was just informed about this an hour ago by housing. Roommate #8 is a med student with an extremely Scandinavian name.

I’m not a bad person to live with. Honest. I’m clean. I don’t play loud annoying music. I automatically stay away from you if I sense that you’re in a foul mood. I’m mostly at lab so I wouldn’t be bothering anyone anyway. I don’t think I’m part of the reason they all move away–but that’s because I’ve heard more than my share of complaints about how school is treating them.