by syaffolee

Weekend Links:

Daily Dose of Imagery. (indirectly via Monkeyfilter) Very interesting photoblog.

Pretty women scramble men’s ability to assess the future. (via 2Blowhards and Marginal Revolution) That sound you’re hearing in the background is me snickering. But then I stopped snickering and went about trying to find the paper they referenced. The problem is, my school doesn’t subscribe to Biology Letters. I found no mention of it on PubMed or on the Web of Science citation index. The researchers mentioned are into psychology, but the only work I saw cited on these indices were about spousal abuse and homicide (I found a publications list here, their 2002 paper has statistics on homicide rates). I’ve never heard of a journal called Biology Letters before so I queried Google, and the closest thing I got was some obscure Czech journal. What’s going on? Did the New Scientist make up something or am I just not searching hard enough?

Addendum: I finally found the homepage for Biology Letters here. You’ll never find it if you don’t search for The Royal Society as well. It says it’s listed under JSTOR (another journal index) but I didn’t see it. I think it’s because the journal is still very new. Unfortunately, even though I found the journal, I still couldn’t find the article–not even an abstract or a title saying it was going to be published.

Researchers Say. (via Save the Snow) Well, at least we know this little piece is obviously satire.

Word up. (I know I found this somewhere but I can’t remember where exactly.) Interesting reviews, but I’m probably not going to follow any of the advice the next time I go shopping for a dictionary.