by syaffolee

Well, I’ll be off in less than half an hour. No more New England boondocks for the next two weeks.

* * *
Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Warning:: Signs
  2. Aspirations:: Inspirations
  3. Starvation:: Hunger
  4. Lid:: Shut
  5. Sketch:: Pad
  6. Interrogate:: Prisoner
  7. Credit:: Card
  8. Scotch:: Tape
  9. Confused:: Mind
  10. Paris:: France

Whenever I go to the Unconscious Mutterings website there’s already a ton of people who’ve done the meme before I have. I have three thoughts on this: many people who do this meme 1) live in a time zone that is ahead; 2) don’t ever sleep; or 3) do things ahead of time regardless of whether or not it is Sunday. However, I am too lazy to check which one of those three possibilities is true.