by syaffolee

A Bit of the Mundane

I’ve been trying to watch as little television as possible although I did catch the special on PBS about a group of enthusiasts who wanted to reconstruct the Wright brothers’ first airplane. Ah, it would have been quite neat if I were so ingenious with bicycle parts, but I’m not that mechanical minded. While the program was blathering about the principle of lift, my Dad muttered something about Bernoulli’s disk. Disk?! Well, if you think about it, a spinning CD when it begins to rise is simply another application of Bernoulli’s theorem.

Which reminds me, don’t forget to backup your hard drive. I regularly backup my data, but hard drives themselves with all the seemingly confusing system files are equally important. And besides backing up hard drives, I’ve been writing. So yeah, I’m trying to be semi-productive during my break.

* * *
4096 Color Wheel. More color coding fun.

PowerPoint Makes You Dumb. It also makes you sleepy. Very sleepy.