by syaffolee

A Question From Marvin:

How come baby stuff only comes in pastel colors?

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Travel Waiting

The problem with arriving early at the airport, sitting in a cramped airplane, and being squished into a bus that has turned into standing room only is the waiting. I hate being near strangers–actually, I hate being too near anyone, period–because I get nauseous from other people’s body odors and I start getting paranoid when anyone looks my way.

For instance, while I was waiting for the passengers from the previous flight to debark before I got on, a young woman and her husband came out of the gate. After she fiddled with her carry-ons, she looked up meeting my gaze and I could swear she smirked. Why? Well, maybe there was no why. Maybe she was looking at something else. But a few moments afterwards, I was still fuming. Because if she was indeed smirking at me, what was the reason? Was it because I was wearing an unfashionable coat and carrying an outrageous neon orange bookbag I got for Christmas with my hair sticking up in all directions due to static while she was stylish with her expensive coat and boots and Jennifer Aniston-like hair?

The longer I waited, the more mad I got at people’s general hang-ups with appearance. The woman in line in front of me was probably fifty-ish and she was putting on makeup. What’s the point? Do any of the other passengers care? I don’t think anyone looks that great with makeup. And if someone judges people through interviews or first impressions or whatever by whether or not they wear cosmetics, that person really has his or her priorities screwed up.

And on a totally different note: do people’s choices on reading material at the airport indicate anything about their personality? Most people were reading newspapers or magazines or novels by big name authors. I only noticed one person with any taste–an old man with a well-worn copy of The Name of the Rose. I wonder what the bible-thumping couple I ended up next to in the plane would have thought if I had decided to read the book I had brought with me instead of listening to CDs.