by syaffolee

End of the Year

Personally, 2003 has not been a defining year. It’s one of those in-the-middle things in which it has been the same the previous years and will be the same these coming years. Or perhaps it just doesn’t seem defining because life just flows along, slowly transitioning from one thing to the next. Those sudden jarring events which mark history simply pass me by, garnering no more than a blip on the news screen. Maybe in the future, I might be able to point to something that happened this year that “changed my life” but at the moment, I don’t see anything. It’s still too close to judge objectively–my reflective moods have a sort of reverse myopia.

And as for resolutions for the new year, I have none. I don’t intend to make any promises I can’t keep.

* * *

Freewheeling ‘bloggers’ are rewriting rules of journalism. (indirectly via Reflections in d minor) The first thing I thought was “poker” but never mind me. I’ve been playing too many card games the past two weeks.

The revolution should not be eulogised. (via Save the Snow) I think this blog falls into category “c” but maybe I’m being too optimistic.