Exam Disaster (Finale)

I guess I can talk about it now since the profs in charge of the course have informed all the students about the exam.

Apparently, the key to the exam instead of the exam itself got copied and handed out before anyone realized what happened. Some (or maybe most?) of the students looked at the first pages before the key was recalled. But of course, no one can control for such things and I’m positive at least one person smuggled out the key.

The students took the test anyway but the exam is not going to count toward their final grade. As one of the profs told me, “No one’s going to be penalized, but no one’s going to benefit either.” So the undergrads breathe a sigh of relief after a fiasco.

As for the TAs, well, we have to grade the dang thing anyway so the students will have feedback on how well they would have done and how we will grade it. Over 130 exams. And there are essay questions. I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it.