A Morning Experiment

The other TAs and I decided to test a hypothesis. Normally, we sit in the back of the lecture hall and notice that all the seats around us are empty. Our theory was that the undergrads were avoiding us because we were TAs.

So today before lecture started, we sat in the middle of the room. If our hypothesis was correct, then we would be surrounded by empty seats as the undergrads tried to avoid us. We would be creating a zone of inhibition just as antibiotic spotted on a plate with a lawn of bacteria creates a clearing where the bacteria refuse to grow.

Our hypothesis wasn’t entirely correct. As the students trickled in to class, they first chose seats away from us. But when the lecture hall became more full and the students had to choose between a seat at the back or one more closer to the front and nearer to the TAs, they chose the seats around us.

I guess they made a wise decision because the prof’s microphone died in the middle of lecture.