by syaffolee

The Digital Poster

What does the background image on your desktop say about you? What does mine say about me? I’m not sure about you, but I think my tastes in wallpaper pretty much say I like to drift off into lala land. I definitely don’t like leaving my computer preferences on default, but once I do pick something, it usually stays for quite a while. I’ve had computer art, book covers, cartoons, and even scans of my own notes in a feeble attempt to rouse myself into higher productivity. Right now, my desktop looks like this. It’s from the Voynich Manuscript.

From the personal computers that I see in lab or around campus, most people have used photographs of places they have been or people that are close to them. And if not that, well, it’s a photograph of something. Are most people more grounded in the real? Or is it something a little more subconscious–that they are actually craving contact with the rest of the world while they are at their computers? And since a photograph would be the last thing I would put on my desktop, what does that mean for me?

Or maybe it means nothing at all. The desktop image is only a digital version of a poster on the wall. It can be taken down and replaced. It’s not permanent. And since it’s so easy to change, perhaps it reflects more of the computer user’s mood than his personality. So what do you think? What do you prefer to be on your desktop? How often do you change it? What do you think it says about you?