by syaffolee

Thank God It Was Just a Dream

I trudged through a muddy stream running into a dim forest wondering if I had been sucked into a Miyazaki fairy-spirit world. I was following a webbing of twine which had been stretched along the shore like a pseudo path, but it had disintegrated into bits and pieces which disappeared into the litter of the forest floor. A school of strange bubble-like creatures with eyes popped up to the surface of the water when I walked through an intersection of two streams. They didn’t say anything, but they seemed annoyed as if I had accidentally taken the wrong path.

Of course I took the wrong path! I didn’t know where I was going. But then again, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I tripped and fell face first into the mud.

When I came to, I found myself in a strange house. It was one of those houses you would find in a suburban neighborhood owned by an upper middle class couple with three kids and a gas-guzzling SUV. I was in the foyer which had a hardwood floor and no furniture except for a hot tub. There was someone with me in the room–a leering Antonio Banderas look-alike who struck me as being very, very creepy.

An older woman came into the room claiming that she was me in the future. She said something about going to a college in Wales and majoring in music and marrying the Antonio Banderas look-alike. At that point, I told her that this guy was evil, but she only gave me a blank look as if she’d been brainwashed. Then I ran out the front door and started screaming.

It was night in the neighborhood and all the front porch lights were on, but no one came out to find out why I was screaming. About a block away, I looked back and saw a shadow–darker than the night–in the distance and gaining. My voice separated from my body and suddenly I was the voice, an invisible flying entity. I urged myself to hide in one of the houses with an unlocked door and then I continued screaming to lure the shadow away.

As I flew toward the back of the neighborhood, toward the forest, I saw a solitary person jogging. He seemed familiar–he looked a lot like a technician in a lab I used to work at. He stopped, sensing me, and somehow I knew he could help me. I whispered in his ear where he could find me to take me home and then I flew away again, hoping that the shadow wouldn’t find him first.

When I arrived at the edge of the forest, I found a beige hospital corridor had blended into the landscape. At the edge of that strange disembodied hallway, I screamed and made my voice sound fainter as if I was running further away. The shadow, which as it came closer sharpened into the figure of the Antonio Banderas look-alike, ran into the corridor not seeing me. And I flew back to be reunited with my corporeal self.