by syaffolee


The other teaching assistants have abandoned me. I suppose it’s not surprising considering they’ve been complaining nearly non-stop about how the course is run and the professors’ expectations of them. Personally, I also have some reservations about how the course is run (mainly the “controlled” aspect of it–how lectures are scripted and how little freedom there is to improvise) and there are times when I wonder why I’m needed at all.

Anyways, back to the other TAs. They’ve stopped going to lecture. All of them. It only became a big problem today when I got inundated with questions from the undergraduates (talk about a 130:1 ratio!). The amount of questions themselves weren’t a surprise either, I mean, it is near the end of the term and I suppose half of them are panicking about their grades. But still. I’m not going to rag on the other teaching assistants due to their recent peevishness (and it is highly unlikely that any of the profs will find this entry before the end of this term, let alone ever) but I do feel a little resentful that everything fell on my head.

I do remember that as an undergrad, I had taken courses with singularly unhelpful TAs. One time, I was taking a quantum chemistry course (I probably posted something like “Quantum chemistry is evil!” some time in 2000 or 2001) and the TAs would tell the students, “Go figure it out yourself!” Well, most of the class went and complained to the prof who appeared quite annoyed by the situation, but I never heard that anything was done to the TAs.

I did talk to the other TAs about the problem, but I didn’t think they were very sympathetic considering I always finish grading my papers before the weekend.