by syaffolee

Time Wasters:

Ultimate Flash Sonic. I have never played the original video game, but I do find this amusing. Minimize your browser if you want it to run more smoothly. (And it also helps if you have a high speed processor–I tried it on a PII and it was too darn slow.)

Carl & Phil: Monkey Ninjas. Cartoons! Watch them defeat the evil slime creatures in the earlier episodes.

Planetarium. “A puzzle-story in twelve weekly installments.”

Vectorpark. More weird flash fun.

* * *
Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Hollywood:: Bollywood
  2. Censor:: Smokescreen
  3. Nascar:: Drivers
  4. Lube:: Jiffy
  5. Mortgage:: Money
  6. Freedom:: Ride
  7. Champion:: Skier
  8. Reality TV:: Sucks
  9. New York:: City
  10. Tease:: Puzzle