by syaffolee

Life on Mars – but ‘we sent it’. Many of the probes people have sent to Mars were not sterilized properly. “[The microbes] are probably not going to survive in 200 kelvin conditions and in sulphuric acid, [but] maybe they could. And maybe we’ve just done a really terrible thing.” Dun dun dun! Stay tuned for the new blockbuster about alien plagues that really originated on Earth.

The Net’s Late Bloomers. Old people get on the net. I think that’s great and quite brave of them. When I get old and there are regular transports to Mars, I’m going to be one of those luddites who will stay on terra firma.

The Panda’s Thumb. A new group weblog written by evolution and science education proponents. Good stuff. Somewhat off-topic, this reminds me of one of my high school biology teachers. She wasn’t great. She wasn’t even good. She mispronounced terminology and gave people busy work. She refused to talk about evolution because she thought God made the world go round. (This is ridiculous, why would a biology teacher not teach a tenent of the subject? But this was Tennessee, so go figure.) I’m somewhat surprised she didn’t spoil the subject for me–but then again, I spent the entire semester cowering in a corner and hiding behind a textbook. After all, she was the one in control of my grades.