by syaffolee

Chambers’s Book of Days. A miscellany of popular antiquities in connection with the calendar. I thought it would be cool if I made my own “book of days” but then I thought–nah. A weblog is like a book of days, abet in electronic form.

Book of Days. By Paivi Hintsanen. Interesting strangeness. Beware, it opens up on full screen.

Favicon. Deconstructing the design of favicons, the little images that comes with your bookmarked links. I personally don’t like them. I’m more text-oriented and all those favicons just look like a mess of random stuff that was supposed to be in the closet instead plastered on my favorites list.

Weird Foods of the World. “Tastes just like chicken!” Not.

Digital Kitchen. I think they specialize in design and film making. Anyways, their work is very slick and distinctive. They have a bunch of TV show openings and advertisements (among other things) on site that they have produced. (I recommend the opening to Six Feet Under and an ad for the photographer Annie Leibovitz.)