by syaffolee

Here’s some brief notes just so you know I haven’t dropped off the ends of the earth. I’m very busy and very stressed and I’m probably going to skip on posting anything tomorrow with a self-imposed no internet and no telephone restriction. Probably no sleep too.

Recent reading: Earlier this week I had finished Mr. Darwin’s Shooter by Roger McDonald. It was more like a life of one guy and his struggle between believing whether or not there is a God after working for and listening to Darwin. The main character, Syms Covington, was a real person but there’s scant information on him–all the more for the author to take artistic license. Unfortunately, not all that much Darwin in the novel despite the title.

I have just finished Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson. Every geek in the blogosphere has probably read this or at least heard of it so I will spare you any details on the plot. I’ll say that the book ends on more of a cliffhanger than I’m usually used to in other books that are in a series and there are countless places where the author meanders off. I’ll also say that the writing style isn’t one of my favorites. Sometimes it’s so dry that it’s pretty much passionless. I mean, there’s tons of action going on, but I didn’t feel excited. Or not as excited as every other raving fan. It’s sort of like watching a high budget action flick and yawning as yet another evil henchman gets his head cut off. I do like the fact that there are natural philosophers running amok in the story and some clever cryptology–which probably saved it from being consigned to “dull historical fiction.”