by syaffolee


Over the weekend, I saw the newest Harry Potter movie. All I can say is, “Eh.” It’s not particularly angsty, emotional, or scary. I wasn’t awed or anything. Even though this is a genre that I would normally get excited about, the entire Harry Potter franchise just leaves me feeling, well, blah. Maybe this is just my age and dullness showing.

I also saw all the episodes of an anime called King of Bandit Jing. I don’t know what’s with the literal translation–it should have been The King of Bandits, Jing or Jing, the Bandit King. Anyways, I found it excellent entertainment, especially if you’re not looking for anything serious. The main character is Jing, an unassuming teenage boy who no one suspects is the Bandit King until it’s too late. Jing is remarkably cool-headed, philosophical. His heists are more about challenge than profit. His sidekick is a lecherous bird called Kir. But besides chasing girls, Kir also doubles as Jing’s weapon by latching onto the boy’s arm and spitting out green fire. This anime is not about fighting, but the plotline is pretty non-existent. And taking into account the very strange fantasy/sci-fi settings, I concluded that the writers for this show were all on crack. Which was good, I suppose, since I wasn’t in a mood to appreciate anything that made sense.