by syaffolee

Something New

So I installed Mozilla Firefox 0.9 on my computer today. Does anyone realize that it shows up as Netscape 7 on the referrer logs?

Anyways, I’m liking it a lot so far. I don’t know why I didn’t ditch Internet Explorer sooner except that the other browsers and the older versions of Mozilla Firefox (which was originally Firebird) just didn’t feel right. And for the record: I never liked Netscape. In some ways it was worse than Internet Explorer–for one thing, Netscape took a long time to start up.

The coolest thing about Firefox is that it automatically blocks those pesky pop-ups. Besides hating the autoclave, I also hate pop-ups and blocking them without having to navigate the insides of the browser or installing something extra earns a gold star in my book.

Addendum: Oh wow, when I went to do the spell checking in Blogger, the spell check box included a correction preview. That never showed up on MSIE.