Don't Shake the Flask

Because you don't know if it'll explode

Downright Stalker-ish

Somebody save me from these middle-aged, gossipy women who just won’t shut up. I now know more about the dysfunctional lives of the residents of Canaan, New Hampshire than any normal person has the right to know.

Hard Rain

Oh great. Now they say we can’t use the north entrance. Apparently there’s a slab of concrete on the roof that’s loose and liable to fall any moment, i.e. if you’re really unlucky, that slab of concrete would fall a total of eight stories before hitting your head.

Ever since the Great Microwave Tirade, I’ve been using the entrance to get to the next building to use the microwave. (Why? Stupid department politics, that’s why.) Now I can’t even do that. I guess I’ll bring a sandwich tomorrow.

The Thursday Threesome: Cool, blue mornings

Onesome: Cool– Well, summer is almost gone (except for those Down Under who are expecting it soon), and the cooler weather is coming. …and other than those who live in places like Hawai’i, things are about to change. Which do you prefer, the coolness of Winter where you live or the warmth of your Summer?

Winter. Actually, it’s a toss-up with Fall. There’s sort of a sadistic glee about watching people get stuck indoors and slowly going batty.

Twosome: Blue– Today’s softball: blue or green? Pick one! …okay, if it’s a tie (high or low), what color do you prefer for decorating or accents?

Green. I blame this preference on my baby clothes. You see, my parents dressed me in green instead of blue or pink because they didn’t know whether I’d be a boy or a girl.

Threesome: Mornings– Mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights… What’s your favorite time of day? …and what makes it so for you?

I don’t really have a favorite time of day. More like favorite moments. Like right now because my neighbors are asleep and aren’t making any noises (like they were at three in the morning). It’s those peaceful, quiet times I like best. Unfortunately everyone else seems to have a different idea.