by syaffolee

Gmail Giveaway

I have more invites for Gmail accounts. This means that this is your chance to get one! (If you want one, that is.) Send me a request at this e-mail address with the subject “8/30 Gmail Giveaway at Syaffolee” along with a link to your weblog or webpage or, if you happen to be a member of Monkeyfilter and don’t have a weblog or wepage, send me a link to your profile. If you personally know someone who wants a Gmail account but doesn’t have a weblog, webpage, or profile at Monkeyfilter, you can sponsor them–this means you will have to send the request e-mail on their behalf with your own webpage/weblog/profile as the surrogate link. If I don’t get any requests by the time this entry scrolls off the main page, I will have to resort to other measures.