by syaffolee

And Yet Another Collection

Desiderata. (via Watermark) Cats and Vivaldi in Flash.

The Hook Project. (via Metafilter) People can enter and vote on the opening paragraphs of books. Some of them are interesting, I guess, but I don’t take books home with me because of the first page. I don’t “sample” books (just as I’ve ranted before, I don’t sample food) before I borrow it from the library or buy it from the bookstore. I’m also rather indiscriminate when it comes to cover art although a pretty (or terrible) cover does help catch my eye. I usually judge books by their content–gleaned from back cover summaries and dust jacket blurbs. If there’s nothing but rave reviews about how spectacular the book is, I’d probably put it down unless I’ve looked it up beforehand on the net.

100 Most Frequently Challenged Books. Did I post this one before? Anyways, when I did my stint as a librarian at a very small library down south, all the books about sex ed were kept locked in a cabinet. I thought this was pretty crazy, but what do I know? At least the library had the books. If they were in regular circulation, who knows what the conservative patrons would have done.

Seven-Layer Bars. (via Rebecca Blood) Frankly, I find this gross. You might as well buy a bag of chocolate chips and eat them right out of the bag.

Ode to the Breast Pocket. (via Evhead) For obvious reasons I don’t use one but I think there’s an even better way to carry things you can’t stuff in your pocket. The bookbag. That’s right. I have a bookbag with me pretty much all the time and I can stuff anything into it as long as it’s not an entire set of encyclopedias. So take that, you pocket protecting geeks!

Beyond Bullets. (via Evhead again) If you have to use Powerpoint, this is something to read.