by syaffolee

Rampant Copying, Cobbling, and Calling

Plageurism in blogging. Ooookay. This guy is making me really paranoid. Not paranoid as in someone is going to steal my work, but that some troll is going to come along and tell me that I haven’t attributed the stuff that I’ve written in this blog correctly. I know I could be more rigorous in my citations–especially on my science posts–but aren’t links to the relevant sites and papers enough? Do people want blogs to look like dissertations?

In the Relentless Pursuit of Fashion, the Feet Pay the Price. I know lately that I’ve been prone to use the word “stupid” a lot, but a lot of things are stupid. Fashion in women’s shoes is stupid. Why do people want to kill themselves in high heels? For the sake of catching someone’s eye? Who cares about this stuff? Only shallow people. I’d rather be alive and ugly than dead and sexy.

A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver. (via Kottke) Notice that they’re comparing people talking on the cell phone and people who are legally intoxicated. I don’t like people yapping away on the cell phone while attempting to rotate the steering wheel, but I’d still bet that most accidents are still caused by drunk driving. And when I mean drunk, I mean drunk.