by syaffolee

Way Behind

I saw some ridiculous things today–regarding shoes. There was one young woman wearing woolen boots out in eighty degree weather. Another young woman was wearing pointy stilettos while carrying heavy grocery bags. Maybe they think their choice in footwear is empowering, but I just think it’s plain stupid.

Why We Look So Bad. The author complains that academics are fashion-impaired. Well, I guess so. I can pretty much predict what profs will wear the next day. But then again, if you know me, you can predict what I will wear the next day. Students are definitely more trendy-conscious but yes, they are predictable too. Actually, from my years of keen people watching, I will say this–younger people may be more “fashionable” but they are also remarkably conformist.

This is Wrong on Oh So Many Levels. Burningbird says that people shouldn’t suck up to the A-listers if they want a popular weblog. Well guess what? People are going to do that anyway–especially if they value popularity over content. Sure, I worry about my (lack of) comments and (lack of) page hits like the next blogger and yeah, I can whore myself out to increase my popularity, but in the end what benefit is that to me? I say, leave the people who are worried about their popularity to their own antics. The only way they will ever get a hit from me is if I accidentally stumble onto their site. (And I am pretty much content with my status as an off-off-off-off-off-off Broadway blog.)

My first time unto the breach. Adam Greenfield berates Dave Winer on pontificating about a subject that he knows nothing about. Okay, so it was probably a good idea for Greenfield to point out the errors of a guy other people might believe because of his association with a Famous University, but is this anything new? Of course not. People in the blogosphere pontificate on subjects they don’t know anything about every day. Take it from me–don’t believe anyone.

As All-American as Egg Foo Yong. An NYT article about the history of Chinese restaurants in America. I try as much as possible to avoid Chinese restaurants because I’ve always felt uncomfortable eating in these kind of restaurants outside of Chinatowns and Asian countries. I often get the impression that as an Asian person, I shouldn’t be in a place where they’ve altered the food so much to accommodate Western taste. The times that I do go, I’m usually humoring someone else.

Girly Stuff. Arg. Do people really want to provoke my bra-burning and hairy feminist alter ego? Who freakin’ cares about nice smelling lotions? Okay, so I admit I own some of those lotions, but that’s because society has forced me to buy them. People won’t come within three feet of you (even if you shower daily) unless you smell like a plum.

A new metric for my self-adulation! Let’s see. Based on Google, my real name is roughly 7.8 x 10-5 brooksies. Pretty dismal. Syaffolee is about 0.04677 brooksies. I’m telling ya’, I’m really off-off-off-off-off-off Broadway.