by syaffolee


Blogging for Books. Certain famous blogs commenting on certain books are generating enough buzz that they convince readers to pick the books up. Real readers don’t read books because of recommendations from the media. Or blogs. Or I could just be annoyed because no one ever picks up a book because of any of my recommendations. It’s as if I don’t have any qualifications for making recommendations or something.

Banned Books Week. I should of posted this on Sunday, but I was understandably side-tracked.

Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail. (via everybody) Political boogers, bah. They’re like those activists I always see standing on the road touting signs. Lots of hot air, but in the end, completely ineffective. And is it just me, or do those old guys look like they’re peering down Wonkette’s cleavage rather than the laptop screen in that picture?

Popcorn gets poppier. Hmm. I wonder if I can rig up the vacuum pump to the mini-autoclave in lab. Not sure if my advisor would approve of it though.

Video disks ditch binary storage. A terabyte of data! The geek in me totally reels.

Doorknob’s Fortune Cat. Aww. That’s my kind of cat.

Grand Rounds. (via Pharyngula) It’s a weekly summary of the best of the “medical blogosphere.” Pharyngula wonders if there are more doctors and nurses than scientists since Grand Rounds is larger than Tangled Bank. Well…yeah. If you compare class size at my school, for instance, the number of medical students in one year’s class is larger than two year’s worth of biology graduate students.

Why are we here? Readership. What’s that?