by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Against All Odds

Onesome- Against: Is there anything you are vehemently opposed to? Or just something that gets you up on your soapbox?

“Vehemently opposed.” Those are pretty strong words. And this is too early in the morning for me to rant about anything. All that pops into mind are some political and some scientific issues. Maybe I’ll write about them some day, but not right now.

As for the soapbox, anything can get me up on the soapbox. Including the way you put up your hair today.

Twosome- All: Is there something that you have to give all or nothing to?

My work.

Threesome- Odds: Are you a gambler? What would you bet on and for how much?

No, I’m not a gambler. The odds are always in favor of the house.