by syaffolee

Fits of Giggles

Overheard remark between two 32-year-olds: “How come we’re the same age yet I look better than you?” One has a full head of hair. The other one is balding.

Looking in the local paper, I see a workshop for blogging being held at a library in the next town over. I am sorely tempted to hop on over there and see what’s the Big Deal. But I’m afraid the organizer will kick me out because my age will simply reveal the fact that I am just a newbie poser.

Morning Babble. One of the Blowhards ask: “Do all women love to gab first thing in the morning?” Not me. I’m pretty awake during the early morning even without my daily jolt of caffeine. But gabby women early in the morning, however, tend to make my mood nosedive. Gimme something hefty and I’ll wack ’em over the head.