by syaffolee

The Thursday Threesome: Rolltop Desk

Onesome: Roll– On a roll lately? What have you been up to where things just keep falling into place (maybe you’re a Red Sox fan)? Yeah, what’s working (even if it’s just the TV)?

One of my projects in lab after many weeks of frustrating troubleshooting.

Twosome: Top– Top of the world? What’s the highest point you’ve ever been? No, the airliner doesn’t count, I’m talking about standing somewhere . Have you made it to the roof? …the Eiffel Tower? Mt. McKinley? How high is high for you?

I’ve been on the CN Tower.

Threesome: Desk– Hey, what type of setup do you have for your computer work? Are you working from a laptop while sitting on the couch? …or maybe you have a high tech workstation/hutch combo with mood lighting and soothing music? No? How about the kitchen table? Where do you post and work from?

I am working at a desk on a laptop. Sorry, but I don’t have anything interesting about the surrounding environment.